So I spent the last few days binge watching Girlboss, and I’ve gotta say, the show’s pretty timely.  

Not only am I at a point in my life now where I’m feeling kinda burnt out and wondering “is this who I am, am I happy?” but also contemplating the future – so what’s next?


Going out there and starting afresh, it takes a lot of mustered up courage and some thing that for reasons I’m uncertain of, have been bubbling lately.

It’s almost like you’re at a point where you know that you’ve got no more time to waste, that you’ve go to stop be NATO (no action talk only) and start getting down and dirty with those ideas that you’ve got.

And sadly, a lot of the times, not every one will be willing to come along on this journey with you..

You’d start noticing people whom were once close and super chummy with you, leaving you and making dates to catch up would start getting almost impossible, every one will be constantly busy – you get what I mean.

At first you’d prolly think maybe they’re really busy, and try asking them out again and again and then it’d hit you. The realization that ahh they just don’t really wanna hang with you anymore. For whatever reason.

I guess sometimes, society’s just realistic like that you know, when you’re up and shining, you’d have all the friends in the world. But when you’re feeling lost and stumbling around your way in the darkness trying to figure out what’s next, suddenly everyone’s busy and you start to realize that you’re actually all that you’ve got to rely on 😌

Some will choose to get mad at those that left, but I’d like to think that everyone has their own life and struggles and problems they’re tackling individually. There’s really no blame game to engage in, cos who’d want negativity and bleah-ness around them? I mean, life on its own is tough enough. Ain’t nobody got time to deal with someone’s boo-hoo sadness.

You’ll just have to MAN UP!


And know this, you don’t need to get the green light from others for all your ideas and dreams all the time. Sometimes, just sticking with it and going with your gut is the way to roll..

Now, get out there and kick some ass!






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