The kitties turn 6months today!Β And boyy have they developed personalities..

You can follow them cuties on their Instagram:Β @mihoandnala

Nala’s definitely mommy’s girl, the sweet little one that’s full of huge and nose kisses..

I treasure SO MUCH those moments she’s all up in my face at night, cuddling and purring – even if that keeps me up all the time. To put it literally, she’s pretty much a tiny purring warm bolster!


Here’s her in her favourite shark bed – need I say anything more? 😍


Here’s being her usual cutesy self, hogging up the keyboard. But hey, how does one have the heart to wake up a little fur ball like that!

Kitty owners, I’m sure you can relate πŸ˜‰

Miho on the other hand, is more of a daddy’s girl. And it’s no surprise cause they’re exactly alike!

She has her little quirks and prefers to be left alone, and you’ll only get to pet her when she decides she’s in the mood. And yes, she definitely lets you know she’s the boss.


Check her out in daddy’s boss chair!


Caption: Orange is the new Black, Miho edition πŸ˜‹Β there’s her on the rare occasions I catch her being cute as a button!

Life has been so much more purr-fect these past 6months!

And I’ve gotta say, despite all the mini accidents they’ve caused, and those split seconds of frustration and agony, my heart’s never been overflowing with more love.. And I’ve got these 2 little kitties kids to thank for that ☺️

If you don’t have a cat, you’ve gotta get one!








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