Space, the Final Frontier

When we connect to the space between, we find our way through..

We can be constantly affected by noise, busyness and distraction. We can easily be consumed by our thoughts, negativity and reactions.

It’s in the space between where we can find out way through the density of our lives. Where we can connect to our clarity and the origin of our truth. Where we find our truth, we find ourselves.

As we start to cultivate this space, we may start to observe it in all the places it can live. It’s the space between our inhale and our exhale, our trigger and reaction, our running thoughts and endless distractions.

Where we can find this space, we can expand it. When we can expand it, we create more opportunity for our true self to enter. It’s here in our heart’s centre, where the infinite resides and the intelligence of our deep heart observes.

When we use our positive will to cultivate and nurture this place, we make more room for our heart to expand and more space for our essence to come in.

When we are too busy, distracted by thoughts or on auto pilot, we can miss this space often and the opportunities that come along with it. But with the help of our mind, we can find our ground, connect to the space between, come back to the present and back to our centre.

It’s in the space between, where our deep heart speaks and we connect inside with the part of us that is divine. It’s here where we are guided, no longer separate and collectively united.

Where we can find the space between, we find our way through. When we find our way through, we can find our way back, to ourselves, what connects us to each other and our deep heart.






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