Stubborn Ears

We all go through life – stumbling along, falling into puddles and mud, getting wet and dirty, getting upset and going through bouts of rage, realizing no one cares how we’re just sitting there in self pity, finally deciding to get back up and try again..

They say that women are very much opposite than men, whereby if we women get together when one is having an issue, the main agenda would be to talk things out and the other would always want to offer some form of advice to try and help/attempt to solve the issue. Men on the other hand, would just retreat into their own caves till they’ve either solved the issue/managed to get over it/able to handle themselves and all will be well again.

*storm cloud passes…..*

And then there’s also times where you’d just want to have company of a close one and share (well, rant to be more accurate), because just having another person listen, not judge or give any opinion (yes, it’s gonna be tough I know), can smooth out this little crank in our day.

But that’s not gonna be solving anything? You’re just choosing to run away from the problem, and procrastinate! – some would argue.

Well, yes. But because getting things out of the system will always make everything better.

Many a times we’re given advice that’s good for us, but not ones that we asked for. Or at least not at the times where they’re be taken in with appreciation – we only wanna hear the things we wanna hear, that’d agree with how we’re thinking, feeling and what we’re doing/have done in that moment.

That’s just HUMAN, only wanting to see, hear, feel all the warm and fuzzy and never the cold blunt truth.

I’m guilty of this.

This post is dedicated to those friends, family and mentors who have stuck by, seeing me through those moments where I’ve been STUBBORN as hell, BITCHY in my rebuttals, HEADSTRONG in wanting my way and needing to win the case, SENSITIVE like a thermostat taking everything so personally and hence always getting butt-hurt by the slightest little thing..

You guys have been VERY patient and well, I guess it must say ALOT that you’ve stuck through till now. I know that some things don’t need to be said, and well in most cases, better left unsaid, but here’s to my appreciation of all your presence in my life 🍻


When you’re wrong, admit it.

When you’re right, keep quiet.

Grow up now, little miss stubborn ears.






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