Ooo.. Dirt


We’ve all been messed with, lied to, made empty promises, picked on, screwed over; naively thinking that as long as you’re genuine towards others, even if you’re not graciously dealt with their best hand, at least they’d not unscrupulously be slapping you in the face for no reason – cos didn’t we learn in school to treat others how we’d want to be treated?

Turns out life ain’t all that.

I’ve come to realize that if you’re going to live by the “black and white” rule, you’re going to be MISERABLE! Cos sadly, what we call life now, and as I’ve come to know, has since become this whole huge mess of “grey”..


Reckon there’s never going to come a time where any one can say they’re able to fully comprehend and understand the intensity and depth of the human mind; no one will – putting that extent into perspective, being a mere 1 out of the 7million persons on this earth; the amount of unscrupulous scheming and revolting mental trash floating around.. MY GOSH!

So what are you going to do then, when reality eventually hits you – that no matter how much you do in your own capacity to live by your beliefs and not let yourself get beaten down by all these so called passer-bys, you’d eventually still need to “change” to adapt? In some instances, even needing to compromise your own standards and views to be able to try and accept those of others, so as to get by.

One wise person once pointed out to me the traits of the “successful” now – indeed you’d need to be able to have a certain level (quite high one) of bullshitting skills and talent of being a pokerface if you want to be able to mask your way along in society now – it’s a real shame.

But he also added that it’s ultimately still of utmost importance to ensure that you do not lose your values and beliefs, you just have to keep them hidden REAL DEEP inside; it should be what keeps you rooted and grounded as a person.

I’d like to think that every one we meet in life is for a purpose; some bring love and joy, some bring laughter and tears, but the most important ones to embrace are those who bring with them, lessons.

Expanding on the latter, people who are just passing through our lives with the purpose of teaching us certain lessons – noting that these are usually the ones most unexpected; like roses, you’d embrace them, only to be pierced deep by their thorns (hidden, perhaps not).

For sure you’d be upset, confused, disappointed, pissed, disheartened, raging.. -inserts every negative emotion here-

But hey, let’s not be so quick to get all butt hurt by these encounters! Instead, we should we embracing the shitty feeling bubbling inside and realizing that perhaps it’s all just a test; an obstacle that you’ve got to get through to attain the next level, in life 🙂

I’m sure we’ve all been dealt with one of two hurricanes, and had to climb outta the rubble and walk through the mud.. *cringes at that thought*

No matter how dirty, battered and torn we emerge from that storm, always take heart that we’ve got the choice to decide to keep our beliefs and thoughts pure –  cos that’s what’s going to make us different from them, and I guess that’s all that matters!






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  1. Makes me cry, I love your words as they easily catalyze me to a good place in my mind. Strength in openness, joy, and love in difficult circumstances is my challenge. I’m learning to reside in love while in a world with light and dark. Compassion runs through me in waves, I’m naked pinned against the wall dark words hurled at me yet reside in beauty it shouldn’t be possible yet it happens. Thank you

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