Dream Catcher

Many a times we get people telling us how crazy and unrealistic an idea of ours is. And more often than not, to fit in or just to avoid drama, we decide to just drop it and it becomes an unrealised dream – one of the “what ifs” we would revisit in the future.

I’m guilty of that too – being my own dream’s grim reaper.

Been revisiting loads of them lately. Just the mere act of fanning these little thought sparks, have really ignited a whole new flame for me! To be honest, it has kinda taken myself by surprise too, but I’m really excited to now be diving head first into this pool of hell fire MUAHAHAHA (pardon the little devil in me)!

Don’t let anyone in this world talk you out of your dreams or cut your wings. Never ever. Most things in life are an illusion. But the few real things which we have and should never give up on, are our hope and dreams.

Stay true to yourself.






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