Let your Guards down

I’m only hard to love because I love too hard; I like people too much, or not at all.

There are many different facets of women. But if you really just wanted to boil it down, I’d say there would be simply 2. The women who are loved, and the women who love too much.

It’s a strange and sad dichotomy. The woman who is loved is sometimes the woman who doesn’t always deserve or appreciate that love, yet the woman who is willing to love with everything of her being is sometimes left without someone to give it to.

We live in a world of moderation; we’re accustomed to shunning things that are out of line, far from the norm and over our threshold. We like things we can chase and women who keep us guessing.

Why though? Why is the woman who is ready to love you, the woman you’re not ready to love? Why do you like to keep the things that are good for you, so far away from you? Why do you fear the woman who loves too hard?

Because that’s the easiest way out when you’re scared.

You’re scared someone might make you feel something deeper than you’re ready to feel. You’re scared someone might push you to your limits and make you see things in yourself you’re not ready to see or come to terms with.

Most importantly, you’re scared you’ll let her love you and then forget what it’s like to live without that love.

I’m hard to love because I’m the opposite of simple

If you want simple, find a woman who will tolerate you. If you want easy, find a woman who will follow you.

Whatever you do though, don’t find a woman who will love you with every burning bit of her being. She’s in for the long haul, and that’s when shit gets real, reality kicks in.

A woman like that will never be easy. But hell yes she’ll be worth it. If only you’ve got the courage, to let your guards down.

I’m hard to love because I want the same I give out

No woman would be looking for a great, unrequited love. She wants the whole deal; passion on your end as well as hers. You got to make it a point to give freely, and that can only be done when you let your guards down.

I’m hard to love because I’m hard to follow

If you want to chase someone, look for a girl. If you want to love someone, look for a woman.

A woman is no longer in the mood to play games. She knows what she wants, and goes and gets it. She wants to get down to the good stuff, and if that means doing the hardest thing; leaving you behind, so be it.

Easier said than done, I know. But taking that leap of faith, could save you regret for the rest of your life. If only you let your guards down.

I’m hard to love because I’d rather be alone than half loved 

If you’re only going to give back half of what she’s giving, she’d rather be alone. It’s a simple math equation, and there’s no way she’s gonna be okay ending up with just a fraction.

Entirely your choice whether to let your guards down, because this ain’t the usual investments you’d come across; in this, give freely but receive in far much greater abundance.

I’m hard to love because my passion is seen as obsession

Its important to be clear on the difference of obsession versus passion; never beat yourself up for being so passionate and full of love. Because since when did caring about someone or something too much become a cause for reevaluation and taking a step back.

A woman with passion is a woman with substance. Can the walls of your heart handle that? Will you let your guards down, and let yourself bask in that love?

I’m hard to love because I don’t conform to what you want

I am who I am, and if you’re not ready to receive what I’m willing to give, then maybe I’m better off without you.

Love isn’t about quantity and measured doses; it’s about mutual respect and appreciation for what the other is willing to give. Always remember that she’s taking that leap of faith as much as you, in letting her guards down too.

I’m hard to love because I scare you 

I make you scared because you don’t like going outside your comfort zone – no one does. It’s assumed that love should make you more comfortable than you’ve ever been, but don’t let this initial fear or uncomfort fool you; taking that step out is going to nurture growth, and self realization.

I show you a new side to yourself and the world you might not be ready or mature enough to handle yet. And wait. Didn’t you know that it’s this very fear that’s letting you know that something is worth it? Now the important question, would you dare to let your guards down?

I’m hard to love because I want it all

A woman who is ready for the big time love, is a woman who isn’t going to give up on something just because the guy’s got cold feet and isn’t willing and ready to meet her fully yet, both feet in. She’s gonna fight for what she wants and try and make things work.

Do you have the guts to embark on this battle; journey of growth called life, with her? If so, let your guards down.

Food for thought.






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