Stop and Stare

Here’s what started me on my journey..


Was working on this little edit awhile back and it got me thinking, how if I was able to make them move instead or just trying to re-create this 3D effect?

Always been more into videography than photography, however have been finding it really tough lately to catch anything visually unique – doesn’t help that the weather’s been so gloomy every weekend!

Sparked my obsession with stop motion animation lately, being able to animate my pictures. But boy did it redefine PATIENCE for me..

In other news, it’s been an absolute perfect way for me to zen out!

Plus at least I’m finally able to put my tripod (which I was overcharged at SGD75 for) to good use! Now it goes with me pretty much everywhere. Around the house, that is HAHAHA!

I’ll be updating my Instagram  – hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them 🙂

Feel free to comment if you’ve got any suggestions on sassy videos you’d like to see me create!






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