Time Alone

We’re often caught up in the whole frenzy of life. Everything flies by so quickly, especially in such an international, cosmopolitan hub like Singapore. If you’re not going to get your head in the game and keep up, nothing is going to stop for you – not your peers advancing in their careers, not your friends coming and going, not time.

You get pulled in all directions, needing to fulfil all sorts of responsibilities and obligations. I’m not gonna lie, that’s frustrating at times; not being able to control your time, what you’ve got to do, your time. The only constant throughout all this chaos, which you’ve got full control over is your thoughts.

More often than not, introverts like myself tend to be in their own worlds, consumed by their thoughts. Ever since I discovered the power of my thoughts, my life hasn’t been the same – I feel more in control.

Just like everyone else, I used to think my reality was out of my control. I used to think that certain situations that were happening to me were “pre-destined”, when in reality, I was actually creating my destiny through my thoughts.

I just didn’t know!

Doing the inner work is the most rewarding. Choose to become aware – of your mind, your habits, your beliefs, and the kind of thoughts you let yourself entertain – so you can break free from the unconscious creations of situations and circumstances you don’t want to be in.

The Realisation:

First thing you need to understand is that EVERYTHING in the world begins and happens as a result of the power of thoughts. Everything around you was once a thought. The thoughts that you choose to think combined with your emotions will mold and shape your life physically, financially, relationally (if this is a word?), emotionally and spiritually.

The Reality of Things:

Often we get so occupied with the external reality, we neglect to focus on the internal reality which is usually where creation stems from. Everything outside of yourself is already created. So if you’re experiencing it now, it’s basically a thought that has already manifested.

However, there is unlimited possibilities to where you can be, who you can become, and what you can do with your life. At this moment, anything is possible for you.

If you choose to believe what your five senses are telling you, than you’re only going to recreate what has already been created. If you consciously decide to go into your imagination and choose to experience something different, then that’s when you re-write your story.

The Conclusion – there is No Limit:

You should not limit yourself any longer. Life is full of possibilities and all it takes is just you making that first step, going inside your head, and changing all your thoughts to thoughts that you want to experience.

Forget what’s happening around you, in reality – what it appears to be telling you.

Focus on where you want to be in your imagination. Visualize it like you’re living it. Walk around as if you’re already there. Nothing can stop you when you discover this immense power that you hold inside of you.

I’ve learnt how important it is to take time to just be alone; sit and reflect.

Ponder, process, try and make sense of all your thoughts. Understand and evaluate why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling.

Embrace and bask in the power you’ve got!






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