Food Fight: How it came about?

Well, I’ve been stressing outย over how to stretch my dollar over the weekends and as much as it’s EASIER to just head out and plop down and have food served, but it sure is PRICEY as hell!

So, I’ve decided to challenge myself and start learning to cook. I shall attempt to conquer a dish each week!

Whaaaaa *GASPS* – I can hear my family LOL!

Come on, how hard can it be?

With all those 5min videos on youtube of a meal being prepped till plated, and all those 30min meals on AFC, I’m sure I could handle feeding myself.

On a budget.

Alright, so here’s the deal. Under this series, I’ll be attempting to cook up a meal for 2 under SGD50! If I’m feeling sassy, I’d throw in drinks and dessert in that budget too.

Wait, there’s a catch too! I’ll be comparing my homemade meals to what would’ve normally went down on a dinner date – all according to that weekend’s cravings.

Oh, and I’ll be sharing any deals I snatch up at the grocery store too! It’s an acquired skill okay, knowing which one to go to for which type of stuffs.. Yea, I know I’m very aunty lah!

So here goes..






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