Reminder: Count your Blessings

You’re a mindset shift away from living the life you want. Shift your thoughts from lack and limitations and watch the blessings come in. Believe that blessings are headed your way no matter what your current circumstances are. The rewards for your patience, dedication, and trust will be paying off soon. Please know this. Feel it deeply in your heart.

Change starts with energy, outlook, believe, and your ability to notice the great things happening around you.

You run the show: Did you know that nothing outside of you really changes, but how you see it.

Every single day your setting looks the same, but one day you might be mad, hurt, sad, or happy, excited, and joyful. How many emotions took place where you are right now? If you take a closer look, it’s what you think on the inside that made the reality appear either beautiful or ugly. What you hold internally decides how you see things externally. The only thing changing is you. 

Now that you have this wisdom, you can start deciding how you want to see life.


Stop playing victim: Don’t become a victim of external circumstances. You’re letting the outside control too much of your internal reality. Don’t be a puppet to people, situations, and little things that have no real meaning. Don’t let your emotions be moved from left to right. Real power lies in self control. The ability to not allow your internal state to easily be shifted, by the external reality. Stand still, hold firm, and decide today that you’ll no longer be a button that can easily be pushed to react.


Start being grateful: Start counting your blessings now!


Being grateful puts the power back in your hands, because you’re declaring that you are happy with what you have. This actually frees up a lot of the energy that usually goes to resisting, being angry, unhappy, to saying “yes I love my life!” It’s truly a freeing experience. How many things do you love about your life? It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, you just need to start saying thank you. Start speaking gratefulness and take back your personal power to see reality as beautiful as you want it to be.

When you become grateful for small pleasures, your outlook changes and opportunities seem to open up everywhere in your life.

You don’t realize your blessing because you’re too busy focusing on what’s wrong instead of what’s right in your life.

Re-adjust your focus; always be grateful.







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