Avoid distractions.

The more you distance yourself from purposeless activities, the more time you free up to bettering yourself.

When you give up on distractions, you start to realize how much more precious time you have to build the best version of yourself. No decision will pay off more than prioritizing your life and giving extreme focus and energy to the things with the highest return.

When you’re doing the self work, you have to eliminate things that are keeping you blind from your truth. You can’t be afraid of rebirth. You have to let go and be hungry for change.


There’s just too many distractions going on. I consider anything that doesn’t grow you, evolve you, and make you better a distraction. How many more years will go by doing the same old thing? We all have the same 24hrs, but what makes us so different is how we choose to invest our time.

The biggest asset you have is your attention.

Anybody who is aware of self understands that attention is energy. It’s more powerful than currency. It controls it! How you use this powerful energy will determine the kind of reality you experience.

Realize this:

Your attention is being diverted from you when you invest your time and attention on aimless conversations, purposeless events, and negative people who have no goal. Many people are doing meaningless things to fill the void of the inner emptiness.

You can’t avoid who you are. You have to get to know yourself. Understand your life. Find your purpose and be motivated to make changes today, so that you can be thankful for the years to come.

Invest in your life:

Anytime you’re doing something, ask yourself how is this benefiting my life. This is the fastest way to realize if you’re being distracted or wasting time.

Start investing in your life; read more often, relax to connect with your inner self, question everything, be aware, be curious, explore reality, create your ideas, and gain knowledge to apply.

Your time is now!






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