Make-Up Battlefield

The amount of publicity on perfection and the abundance of make up both drugstore and high-end in every corner, complemented perfectly with the increasing number of YouTubers with their make up tutorials, hauls and reviews – we are definitely spoilt for choice. Guess we can’t blame the cynics, cause it’s almost impossible to tell the genuine and fake apart!

I’m sure you would have gotten people commenting (at least once) on how you should not be wearing so much make up, or even any make up at all cause we should all embrace natural beauty. I agree. BUT I see no harm in calling upon some make up to cover up certain visual flaws here and there, if it makes you feel good about yourself.

Strongly believe that feeling good about yourself is of absolute importance. Feeling good about yourself not only means you’ve got more self confidence (and I don’t mean this in a superficial if you’re wearing the right eye shadow to match your top kinda way), but the positive vibes that ooze through both your mind which transmit into emotions, and can be seen from the way you carry yourself, your thoughts and what you say and do!

Alright so let’s picture you having a conversation. Here you are trying to engage that person in a conversation on a topic you’re passionate about, trying to make your point – there you’ve got that person focusing on attempting to qualify which brand your eye bags are (mine are HERMES by now).. A slightly exaggerated picture to draw, but point is I’d rather the conversation be of main focus. I mean, if I could dap on some conceal to cover those ungodly eye bags, why not?

Perhaps as superficial as this would sound, both parties in this analogy would be better off if there wasn’t that “distraction”? I’m a very visual person, so all these little details do make a larger first impression on me than intended. Some may call this just me being extremely superficial and judgemental, but well this is just a personal opinion so don’t come hating on me.

Back to my point. I’m sure everyone’s got that ONE thing (at least, I hope!) about themselves which they’d not beat up.

In this “first impressions count” war, my weapon of choice would definitely be my trusty ol’ mascara wand. Cause like they say, “one’s eyes are the windows to their soul” – I’d want them windows wide open alright!

GEEZ! Erm.. That was kinda cheesy heh but you get what I mean yea? I don’t believe that just because you put on concealer and mascara that you’re a different person. Cause that would be the same as saying I’m a better person with higher moral standards than you just cause I’m decked in brands while you’re in outfits tossed together from the thrift store. It just doesn’t make sense.

No matter how you choose to “decorate your shell”, deep down, you’re still going to be you. If you’d like, take it as Halloween all year round for us girls (or guys) who use make up. Or better still, daily art lessons then!

There’s definitely going to be those days where you’re just too lazy to even get out of your PJs, lest put on any face paint. On days like these, the quote below is further reinforced – the essence of beauty from within, with or without your eye bags.


Most importantly, love yourself – cause if you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be chasing after people who don’t love you either.

Be who you want to be, not what others want to see.






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